Group of Crystallogenesis and Biomolecular Crystallography

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivana Kutá-Smatanová, PhD.
Phone: +420 608106109
Zámek 136, CZ-373 33 Nové Hrady


Laboratory of Crystallogenesis and Biomolecular Crystallography The aims of the laboratory are structural studies of membrane and soluble biological macromolecular complexes using methods of X-ray diffraction. X-ray crystallography is the major technique to get the structure of biological macromolecules at atomic resolution. These protein structures are central to understand the detailed mechanisms of biological processes and to discover novel therapeutics using a structure-based approach. Several non-membrane membrane protein complexes, which are important for living on the earth, have been crystallized in our lab. The DCBC consists of two sublaboratories named MolBiol a Xtall. MolBiol is the laboratory of molecular biology designed for isolation and purification of proteins. These proteins are later used in the Xtall laboratory for crystallization experiments aimed at production of diffractable crystals. Obtained crystals are measured at the synchrotron radiation sources and diffraction data are used for solving of protein structure. Purified proteins are crystallized either using standard or alternative or advanced crystallization techniques; last two have been developed and tested in our lab as well.

Laboratory of Crystallogenesis and Biomolecular Crystallography cooperates with home and foreign laboratories (Prof. Rolf Hilgenfeld and Dr. Jeroen Mesters from Institute of Biochemistry, University of Luebeck, Luebeck, Germany; Prof. Juan Manulel Garcia-Ruiz, Dr. Jose A. Gavira-Gallardo and Dr. Estela Pineda Molina from Laboratorio de Estudios Cristalografico (LEC), Granada, Spain; Assoc. Prof. Jannette Carey from Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, NJ, USA; Assoc. Prof. Rita Grandori from University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano, Italy; Assoc. Prof. Jiri Damborsky from Loschmidt Laboratories, MU Brno, Czech Republic; Dr. Pavlina Rezacova from IOCB & IMG AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic; Dr. Ladislav Bumba from MBI AS CR, Prague, Czech Republic)

Department of Crystallogenesis and Biomolecular Crystallography guarantees teaching of “Biocrystallization methods” (Biokrystalizační metody) (253 at FNS USB and KRK at IPB USB) that is biennially organized under auspices of FEBS (www.febs.org) under the name of FEBS practical course “Advanced methods in macromolecular crystallization”.