The entrance hall is used for the registration of participants, representatives of the firms, which advertise its labolatory equipment and science gadgets and refreshments are usually served here also. The entrance to this hall is available from a historical stairway which used to be a winter garden. But these days students and guests are usually taking a rest here between a full program of conferences.
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The Blue hall was built in the shape of the general's tent at the request of one member of Buquoy kin who came back from Napoleonic expedition. The groundplan is oval, and the walls and ceiling are covered with a white and blue fabric. The diameter is 10 metres and its height passes through first floor. Through the windows can be taken a wonderful view to the caste park. This hall is mostly used for receptions, banquets, coffee breaks and ceremonial occassions.
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Theatre hall is an original hall with a stage, an auditorium and a small balcony. It can take at least 100 visitors and it is used for lecture and conference purposes. This hall is sound equipped and also makes use of a large screen for back projector, data-projector and PC. For lecture purposes a large blackboard and flipchart can be used.
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Mirror hall is used as a small lecture hall. It can seat 70 people and is equipped for conference purposes with screens, flipcharts and a blackboard. You can also use an overhead projector, data-projector connected to a PC or a notebook, DVD or VCR. The speaker can use a stationary or moveable microphone. This hall with a fascinating view to the castle park has kept it's historical image. Its dominating feature is a recently reconstructed tile stove.
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For free time and relaxation; can serve as a bar, which used to be a hunting stateroom. There can be conferences held also and participants can have a breakfast here if they wish.
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