Skupina molekulárních roztoků

Vedoucí vědecký pracovník
  Dr. Babak Minofar, PhD
  Mgr. Meysam Aryafard
  Mgr. Fatemeh Fadaei
Mgr. Babak Minofar, PhD.
Tel.: +420 389033801
Zamek 136, 37333 Nove Hrady


  • PhD and Master positions are available.
  • Accepted PhD candidates will receive a scholarship from the University of South Bohemia.
  • Recently we are working on molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules such as proteins and DNA in non-aqueous media e.g. molecular liquids and ionic liquids. Also the interaction of graphene, graphene oxides and carbon nano-particles with ions and biomolecules.


The main interests of the lab are computational study of :

  • Solvation structure and dynamics of ions in aqueous solution
  • Solvation structure and dynamics ions of in non-aqueous media
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of proteins in organic solvents
  • Interaction DNA with deep eutectic solvents
  • Solvation structure and dynamics of proteins in ionic liquids
  • Aggregation of porphyrins and carotenoids in aqueous media
  • Interaction of ions with graphene and graphene oxide
  • Interaction of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) with humic acid
  • Interaction of graphene and graphene oxide with humic acid
  • Interaction of micro-pollutants with soil organic matter
  • Adsorption of micro-pollutants on metal oxide surfaces