Ludwig Lab

Vědecký pracovník
  PD Dr. Jost Ludwig
  Mgr. Katerina Shamayeva, PhD.
  Mgr. Deepika Kale
Odborný pracovník výzkumu a vývoje, sam.
  Ing. Karin Spurná
  Ing. Pavel Spurný
Technický pracovník
  Ing. Monika Homolková
PD Dr. Jost Ludwig
Tel.: +420 38903 3844
Zamek 136, 37333 Nove Hrady


The Ludwig group is best known for functional analysis of ion channels and transporters, cation transport in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), cation homeostasis in yeast (more specifically: Localisation of cation transport proteins and regulatory proteins, cation flux measurements using ion selective electrodes), and his research in multiple drug resistance with the analysis of promoters involved in expression of MDR relevant genes. The group is also active in the development of yeast and bacterial expression systems for ion channel genes, the development of Screening systems for compounds inhibiting transcriptional networks (MDR) and the development of production systems for pharmaceutically active peptides/proteins. Recent research was connected to SYSMO (Systems Biology on Microorganisms) within the EU-project TRANSLUCENT: Gene interaction networks and models of cation homeostasis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The group moved in December 2013 from Bonn University to INSB.