Structural network analysis (graph theoretic algorithms)

Structural or qualitative (parameter-free) models relying solely on the often well-known network structure provide an alternative approach still are capable to gain useful insights in the functioning of these networks (Klamt et al.,, 2007, BMC Systems Biology). Structures of networks can be analysed to find out its graph-theoretic tasks as cycle analysis, network diameter, determination of incidence matrix, adjacency matrix, distance matrix and others.


Steffen Klamt, Julio Saez-Rodriguez and Ernst D Gilles (2007) Structural and functional analysis of cellular networks with CellNetAnalyzer, BMC Systems Biology 2007, 1:2doi:10.1186/1752-0509-1-2    
Decomposition of overlapping protein complexes: A graph theoretical method for analyzing static and dynamic protein associations Elena Zotenko, Katia S Guimarães, Raja Jothi and Teresa M Przytycka Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2006, 1:7doi:10.1186/1748-7188-1-7



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