E-cyano is a web-based comprehensive  platform for public sharing, annotation, analysis, and visualization of dynamical models and wet-lab experiments related to cyanobacteria. Includes modelling repository with partial dynamical models of clock, photosynthesis, metabolism and other processes, and experiments module containing a set of relevant wet-lab time-series data. The models are accompanied with precise annotations in terms of a compact logical rule-based description of involved reactions. Online simulation is available.

Link:  http://www.e-cyanobacterium.org

How to cite this tool:

  • Troják, M., Šafránek, D., Hrabec, J., Šalagovič, J., Romanovská, F., & Červený, J. (2016, September). E-Cyanobacterium. org: A Web-Based Platform for Systems Biology of Cyanobacteria. In International Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology (pp. 316-322). Springer International Publishing.

Provider: Laboratory of Systems Biology, Masaryk University and CzechGlobe

Conditions of use:

Access to public models and experimental data is available to all users. Registered users can create their own parameter sets that can be simulated online. Publication of new models requires to contact the e-cyano team (see Task 2 in Workflow).

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