Modelling Non-Linear Dynamical Systems

The Netherlands arm of SBE (Hans Westerhoff and Alexey Kolodkin)
provides an online self-learning course in systems biological
modelling, where a customer will be able to download standard models,
follow online tutorial steps, address questions about the model and
the biology of the model, obtain the answers, check them with the
online test system, and thereby learn modelling as well as the
utilization of pre-existing models. If any question arises, there will
be an option for contacting the instructor.

Tutoriars are currently available. Follow these steps and you will
learn why hot glycolysis in Sulfolobus is really cool, why nuclear
receptors do not stay in the nucleus, why kinase signalling involve
phosphatases, and how gradual and relaxed ageing is related to
oxidative stress, as well many other paradoxes … that are not so
paradoxical in reality:

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