About ISBE

The core of ISBE will be a pan-European network of interconnected national Systems Biology Centres (nSBCs). Together they will span the complete spectrum of systems biology expertise in health, agriculture, biotech and other branches of the life sciences in academia, hospitals and industry.

ISBE is poised to enable ready access to state of the art systems biology infrastructure that can further enhance European competitiveness and social wellbeing by creating a common source of systems biology services, archives, repositories, tools, standards, data, models and training.

As such a pan-European initiative, ISBE sits on a complex landscape where it must establish strong links with policy makers and national or international funding bodies; with research institutions and research-intensive industry; with systems biologists and life scientists; with other infrastructures and initiatives; and with the society as a whole. In the process of definition and construction of ISBE, several stakeholder groups have been consulted in order to take into account their needs and wants.

Currently ISBE is working together with various relevant European projects and initiatives such as CASyM and ERASysAPP, to develop common strategies that support access to biological data and samples linked with experimental resources and expertise. ISBE will expand this outreaching activity once operating.

Coordinator of the preparatory phase of ISBE:

richard_kitney-187x250 Professor Richard Kitney OBE FREng DSc FCGI,
Co-Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation, Chairman of the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology,
Professor of BioMedical Systems Engineering

Tel: +44 (0)20 7594 6226
Email: r.kitney@imperial.ac.uk