Educational part

During the summer school you will be working on a project with your supervisor and attending lectures. At the end of the summer school the students will present their results and the best three presentations will be awarded. All students who have attended the lectures and presented their results will receive a certificate of attendance.

This year’s summer school takes place over the course of four weeks. As for organization of your work, we would like to suggest the following schedule:

  • Use your first week to get to know other participants. Talk to your supervisor and your project partner, discuss your project and plan your work
  • Use the following two weeks  to work on your project and to do all the planned experiments
  • Although there is still some time left to do experiments, we would recommend using your final week to analyse your data, summarize your results, and prepare your presentation. Please, bear in mind that you have only three days during the last week to work on your project, since Thursday and Friday are the presentation days. Furthermore, if you haven’t presented before, you might want to practice.

During the weekdays, you will also attend lectures by invited speakers. The schedule should be available at the beginning of the summer school.

Note: You might have noticed that only the weekdays have been scheduled. Generally, some work in the lab is expected over the weekends (sometimes an hour of work at the weekend can save you a couple of working days), however social and outdoor activities are also encouraged. Naturally, it is up to you to choose how much time you will devote to travelling, sightseeing, biking, or other activities, and how much time you will spend in the lab during the weekend.