How to get here


Academy and University Center
Chateau Nove Hrady 136
373 33 Nove Hrady
South Bohemia, Czech Republic,
Loc: 48°47’28.68″N, 14°46’56.28″E.

How to get here

1.From Prague      

You first need to go to České Budějovice (if you choose a different route and you have any queries, please, feel free to contact us).

You can get to České Budějovice both by train and by bus.

By train

The train from Prague to České Budějovice takes about 2.5 hours. Trains leave almost every hour and you can always find a seat there. Please take into consideration that there is no Wi-Fi on the train. You can buy a ticket at the train station (Praha hlavní nádraží), or book it online.

To check the timetable and find suitable trains / buses visit: IDOS

By bus

You can also take a bus. There are nice Student Agency / RegioJet buses. The journey to České Budějovice takes 2 hours and 20 min and during this time, you will have a free internet connection, films / music and hot drinks as well as electrical sockets to charge your electronic devices. You need to book a ticket in advance: STUDENT AGENCY

Buses from Prague to České Budějovice run by another company (ČSAD Jihotrans) are also available. They are fine, though they do not provide Wi-Fi and refreshments.

Once you get to České Budějovice, you can finally head for Nové Hrady. There are also two options: bus or train+bus.

It takes 1 hour to go by bus. Please keep in mind that these are local buses, so there is no Wi-Fi or any other facilities like on Student Agency buses.

You can use the same website to check the timetable and find trains / buses: IDOS

Important: Please, take into consideration that the bus station in České Budějovice is on the top floor of the “Mercury” shopping centre Map – Mercury shopping center

Therefore, if you arrive in České Budějovice by train, you will first need to go from the train station to the shopping centre (there is a pedestrian underpass connecting these two places). When you enter the shopping centre, go upstairs – you will easily find the bus station there.

2. From Vienna, Austria     

Take a train to Gmünd/České Velenice – a town on the border of the Czech Republic and Austria; nonetheless sometimes it goes directly to the Czech Republic.

Then take a train from České Velenice (which is the Czech part of Gmünd) to Nové Hrady train station. The train station is about 6 km from the actual town of Nové Hrady – ergo you must take a bus for the journey from Nové Hrady train station to Nové Hrady bus station.

For the connections see: IDOS

If you choose this option, please, let us know. We will find the best connection for you.