Project  No Project name Project leader Accepted students
1. Computational modeling approach to predict substrate/product specificity of fungal glycoside hydralases Natalia Kulik CANCELLED
2. Mobility of G protein signaling cascade components and their localization in membrane domains Alexey Bondar CANCELLED
3. Non-invasive measurements of ion fluxes across cell membranes Pavel Spurný
Oksana Munko
Jost Ludwig
4. Theoretical study of protein oligomerization Daniel Bonhenry CANCELLED
5. Non-linear optical properties of fluorescent proteins Josef Lazar CANCELLED
6. Modelling Interactions in Biomolecules Using Methods of Quantum and Molecular Mechanics David Řeha
Zeenat Zara
7. Interaction of hydrated ionic liquids with biomolecules a theoretical study Babak Minofar 
Meysam Aryafard
Fatemeh Fadaei