What to bring

We will not instruct you how to pack J, but spare a minute and take a look at the following list – it might come in useful:

  • your laptop (although there are some computers available in the labs, it is better to bring your own laptop if you can)
  • your country’s specialties for the “80 Minutes around the World” (traditional drinks and food)
  • sports clothes and shoes for rafting (hiking, biking etc.)
  • a swimsuit and a towel (if you would like to go to the outdoor swimming pool)
  • sunglasses and sunscreen – it will probably be hot and sunny in the summer
  • a jacket and a sweater (who knows what the weather might be like on the other hand, although it is summer)
  • protection against ticks and mosquitos (if you like long walks around the forest)
  • money for dinners during weekdays and for weekend meals
  • your passport, visa, the summer school invitation, your student card (if you have one)
  • your health insurance card and basic medicine that you may need

Note: Please, take into account that Nové Hrady is a small village with only one big supermarket and a couple of restaurants. It might be a bit complicated to buy special items there.