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About the Faculty Organizing the Summer School

The Faculty of Science is a successor of the Faculty of Biological Sciences founded in 1991. FS offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study in an array of biological disciplines, and since 2007 extended by several other fields of science (chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics).

Faculty of Science
Branišovská 1760
370 05  České Budějovice




About the Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology
(place where the summer school will be held)

The Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology, (CNSB) in Nové Hrady carries out research in two basic fields:

– systems biology on a molecular, cell, tissue, and organism level. Hence it provides knowledge on the molecular structure of structural system elements, their principal metabolic and control pathways, identifies links between these elements and thus describes the structure of biological systems.

– nanobiotechnology, focussing on research, development and application of new types of biocompatible (nano) composites, and further on interactions of biological structures with nano- and microparticles and chemical and physical factors.

In the application field, CNSB carries out highly specialized activities in targeted applications and development. The laboratories and educational center in Nové Hrady were established in 2002. Methods were successfully implemented from bioinformatics, molecular biology, microscopy, molecular modeling and structure determination, mainly X-ray diffraction. The Campus in Nove Hrady was, from the very beginning, meant to serve not only as a research but also as a scientific training facility, and organizes a reasonable large number of courses, workshops, conferences and symposia. Despite the short time of their existence, the CNSB research groups already achieved excellent scientific results published in highly visible journals such as Nature, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, etc. Thanks to that, scientists from Nove Hrady are regularly invited to speak at international conferences and symposia, get invitations to contribute review papers, book chapters and invited papers. CNSB is regularly visited by foreign scientists and participants of international internship programs.

The Center of Nanobiology and Structural Biology, (CNSB) was established 1.1.2011 by a decision of the board as an independent institute within the public research institution GCRC and since January 2016 is a research unit of the Institute of Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Center for Nanobiology and Structural Biology
Zámek 136
373 33 Nové Hrady
Česká republika



Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CNSBIMCAS/